Our kit includes both billet spindles, lower control arms, outer tie-rods, heim joints, spacers, and hardware.

Our system is the combination of over 10 years of testing in professional level drifting and road racing. The steering angle increases from 38* to over 70*, faster steering response, roll center correction, and 1” drop in ride height to allow proper shock travel. Wheel bearing has been pushed outboard to reduce scrub radius on cars with wider wheels, and more.

Our system has been used on every Pro level gen 5 drift Camaro in Formula Drift history, and in various series in Dubai, Qatar, Australia, Europe, and Canada.

About Blu808

Blu808 was founded in 2002 with the mission of helping other racers and their vehicles. We started in a single car garage, and quickly grew into a large motorsports and fabrication business. Our specialty is road race, and drift cars. We also modified and built many street and club racing vehicles. In 2009 we partnered with GM to build the new Gen5 Camaro for SEMA and the 2010 Formula Drift Pro season. We ended up winning the GM Design Award at the SEMA show for "Best High Performance Product". That award gave us great credibility with the GM crowd and launched us into that market.

Our involvement within the GM market gave us the opportunity to earn many Camaro and Corvette clients all over the globe.

We were the first company to build a new Gen5 Camaro for professional level motorsports and as a result we had to fabricate most of our own components, including the angle kit. The angle kit gained lots of media attention with Conrad being able to do reverse entries, winning events, and providing consistent results. From then on we have been selling our angle kit to other teams and racers all over the world. We also campaigned a C6 Corvette in Formula Drift and Global Time Attack which was another first for the Corvette market.

We now only focus on our product development, and do not offer vehicle service work or fabrication.


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