Blu808 Full Billet Adjustable Ackermann Spec Front Suspension System Gen 5 Camaro

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Blu808 Full Billet Spec Front Suspension System Gen 5 Camaro Adjustable Ackermann
Our system is the combination of over 10 years of testing in professional level drifting and road racing. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our system is properly engineered to provide the best steering feel, feedback, and performance on the track. It has taken since 2009 to evolve this product to what it is today. Our engineering improvements have been responsible for over 20 different designs and prototypes over the years and our in house test-bench ensures that the system meets the kinematics that were purposely designed into it.


The steering angle increases from 38* to over 70*, faster steering response, roll center correction, and 1” drop in ride height to allow proper shock travel. The wheel bearing has been pushed outboard to reduce scrub radius on cars with wider wheels, Spindles feature wheel speed sensor provisions so you can keep your electric steering (2014-2015 cars) working, and your ABS working. You do have to turn off your stability control though. Our knuckles (uprights) are machined from 6061T6 aerospace billet aluminum, and our control arms are machined from 7050T7451 aerospace billet aluminum on 5 axis HAAS VMC's. All of our heim joints and spacers are sourced from TMR and are made in the USA. 

The system has been engineered to use your factory wheel bearings, factory wheel bearing bolts, factory brake rotors, factory calipers, factory caliper bolts, factory shock mounting bolts, factory control arm hardware, and factory wheel speed sensors and hardware.
This entire system bolts right on with no modifications to the vehicle!
Knuckle information:
Now featuring adjustable ackermann! Our knuckles are machined from a single 44 lb block of 6061T6 billet aluminum. These knuckles (spindles) have adjustable ackermann angles with 4 different settings. 3 drift ackermann angle settings, and one for road-race. This geometry will allow proper grip for road race applications and 3 different ackermann positions for drifting. We have added a provision to allow the use of your factory wheel speed sensor. This will retain your ABS braking, and power steering in the 2014-2015 MY vehicles. These spindles will allow you to use factory calipers, rotors, and hardware. Or any brake kit on the market that fits a Gen 5 Camaro.

Control arm information:
Our control arms are single piece cnc machined billet aluminum and feature a brilliant frost blue anodizing. The arms allow castor and camber adjustment from 5 degrees to 9 degrees, and camber adjustment from 0 degrees to -6 degrees. This versatility offers enough range for any form of motorsports alignment needs. Our design allows for stock to completely lowered ride height and we have designed some curvature on the arm to allow for proper tie-rod clearance when the suspension is at full droop or fully compressed. We don't believe in adding double adjusters on our arms, that would double the costs. Our arms come pre-set with 7 degrees of caster or -3.5 camber for an easy alignment and installation to eliminate the need for double adjusters. We have also engineered new swaybar endlink mounts that eliminate the factory shock mounted unit. Having our control arms with the endlink mounted to them eliminates swaybar binding while steering. Our kit is truly an install it and forget it solution. We do suggest that you use loctite 242 on the hardware and torque check before each use. 

Tie-Rod information:

Our outer tie-rod adapters are hand machined out of 2024 aircraft grade aluminum and feature a 14mm thread for the 2010-2013 cars, and a 16mm thread for the 2014-2015 cars. The heim joint is a TMR 16mm and is threaded left hand to allow for easy turnbuckle toe adjustment. Hardware is M14 grade 10.9 with safety alignment spacers, large flange washer, and a keep nut on top.

Kit materials list:

X2 Blu808 adjustable ackermann 6061T6 Billet spindles with WSS provision
X2 Blu808 7050T7451 Billet control arms with endlink provision
X2 Blu808 2024 outer tie-rod adapters
X2 16mm Teflon lined heim joints
X2 16mm jam nuts 
X6 7/8-14RH Teflon lined heim joints
X6 7/8" jam nuts
X2 5/8" grade 8 kingpin bolt
X2 5/8" grade 8 kingpin washer
X2 5/8" grade 8 kingpin flange nut
X2 5/8" Kingpin safety washers
X8 7/8" to 9/16" high misalignment spacers 
X4 7/8" to 5/8" high alignment spacers

Engineering Information

Each blu808 component is designed on CAD using Fusion 360 and NX software. Each part is 3d printed after being designed to ensure proper fitment and kinematics.

After many design changes and reviews we will then put each component through our FEA testing programs to ensure the system is strong enough for track use.

 After first article review we then move into production.

All Blu808 products are for race cars only and are not intended for street use.
Anyone using or purchasing Blu808 parts agrees that these are for track use only, and will hold Blu808 and staff harmless for any injuries or loss of property as a result of a component failure due to misuse or damage from an accident or street use.
Patented U.S. Patent No. 10,934,796 B2, additional patents pending